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November 16, 2016

The idea that addiction to chemicals of abuse has roots in our DNA and is a biological disease is strong, yet a hotly debated issue in the field of addiction treatment for over a decade now. One area of the debate that is often without argument is that addicts have trauma, and that trauma seems to be the issue many addicts fail at sustaining ongoing remission. Alcohol is an ideal coping mechanism, as a solvent, it permeates every pore in the body beginning with the tongue and cheeks and crossing the blood-brain barrier faster than one can whistle Dixie! However, over time, the depletion of GABA ( a regulator neurotransmitter) causes the organism to become dependent on the substance for its very survival. Medical detoxification is necessary in many cases, followed up by restoring the lost neurotransmitters with diet, supplementation and exercise and abstinence. The answer to alcohol is the same as the other substances used, one has to ask, "What is the alcohol numbing?"

The idea that addiction to chemicals and process addictions are the result of a biomarker that predisposes the organism to abuse has some merit, especially when we look at the DNA and RNA in rat populations we seem to have been able to identify the genome, however this does not take into account the whole story, nor does it address the science of epigenetics (the turning on and off of genes. Knowing that we do have the ability to turn on and off genes through changes in our behavior, diet, exercise, meditative practice, we have to look at what role  ART therapy plays in the changing of this Gene expression and how much validity does this practice have across populations? These are needed areas of research and with any fortune, this will be the responsibility of Wade Lang and his colleagues as they go forward administering, teaching, training, and gathering data to gain more clarity on the clinical significance of ART and its relation to gene expression. For now what we are sure of is that ART changes outcomes, dramatically! The images we see are tied to the emotions, which cause the symptoms. It is these symptoms we attempt to subdue with "use", however when we change the script and the images, the symptoms fade and the need to anesthetize the body leaves us, we are Free!

Gambling in our society has become an excepted and natural phenomena, in fact in many communities, especially in Minnesota, it is customary for teens when turning 18 will make the casino a part of their right of passage. For some, this passage right is more of the first taste of a bitter pill that becomes over time harder and harder to swallow. Gambling has branched into social media, tablets, smartphones, and has covered sports fans, to sports bettors. Today being 18 means very little other than one can legally walk into a casino and wager; the truth is if you want to gamble and you have the ability to walk, talk and use a smartphone, you can engage in gambling.


It's called the secret disease and often goes undiscovered until the gambler either looses property that raises questions from loved ones or worse the gambler attempts, or worse yet succeeds in taking their own life. A little-known fact, even in the field of treatment and therapy, is that Gamblers have a 10x greater risk of mortality than either alcoholics or drug addicts. The reason for this is hypothesized, however unlike the chemical user who gets a temporary reprieve from their anxiety and depression, the pure Gambler stays with their anxiety 24/7, this type of chronic and acute exposure to the gambling, lying, stealing, manipulation, chasing, hiding, and self-hatred takes a serious toll on the organism and somatic symptoms soon manifest and the Gambler spirals out of control.  Get Gambling Help Now.

"Addictions are avoidance, a means of coping with images and sensations that are just too overwhelming to sit with. ART allows the client to change the images that cause the coping"

- Wade Lang, Nationally Certified Gambling Counselor II

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