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November 14, 2016

The first three years of my practice were filled with learning, accumulating clinical knowledge and, matching them to my own experiences and weighing them with outcomes. What I have found is that I have been given a gift from the Spirit to see mental, spiritual, psychological and even physiologic blocks in others. Living life in the mist of struggle means humans are going to use anything they can to alleviate their pain, its called coping. The coping we do is at first very effective, however over the course of time the coping itself becomes the problem. As the coping is pealed away from the client via therapy, the inability to exercise the coping (being separated from their substance or behavior), the original issue starts to surface (a consequence of withdrawal) and the client start to squirm and fight. It is during this stage of healing that the therapeutic alliance is most important. If the client can fully, or at least partially, trust the therapist, the client can walk hand-in-hand with the therapist through the worst parts of this stage and make it to the other side. Often I have explained this stage as "Through the Wall." It is not over the wall, under the wall, around the wall that gains freedom, but it is THROUGH THE WALL!!! There is pain involved in this, however ask yourself, "When was the last time you grew when things were comfortable and easy?" It is this very discomfort that begets growth and change, isn't that why you are here?

"It's not over the wall, under the wall, or over the wall that freedom is is only through the wall you will find the freedom you seek! Pain begets growth!"   - Wade

Psychological pain is in my clinical opinion accumulative in the sense that the human organism can withstand large doses of hurt, however there is a threshold to the amount one can endure before noticing visible symptoms. Once those symptoms start to manifest, one has been compiling the hurts for an extended period of time. You deserve to have the freedom you desire, its up to you to go get it.



Four Ways To Break Through the Wall


#1 Show up, fully show up and put forth all the effort you can at the time, 100% effort equals 100% return. (emphasis on the word effort).


#2 Engage in the process, working towards a goal is never easy or it wouldn't be referred to as a "goal."


#3 Work through trauma/issue using Accelerated Resolution Therapy, rewrite the script so the new images are what we see and react to.


#4 Stay well, practice good strategies to balance your life in all spheres.


"World Class Education & Experience"

Trained by some of the best institutions in country Wade spent his undergrad studying Business Management at Western International University and Human Service Management at the University of Phoenix, AZ. Spending his graduate years in Center City Minnesota he attended the prestigious Hazelden Betty-Ford Graduate School of Addiction Studies during the day and moonlighted at Adler Graduate School for a second comprehensive education in Abnormal Psychology with a focus on trauma and abuse.  With his eduction in tact, Wade spent the first two years in practicum work at HBFGSAS and Project Turnabout located in Granite Falls Minnesota. Starting to practice in the field, Wade spent his first two years at the only homogeneous center in the world for Compulsive Gamblers, Vanguard at Project Turnabout. After leaving Vanguard Wade went to public mental health in New Ulm Minnesota where he served as a School Linked provider for 4th through 12 graders in adjunct to his clinical practice serving a wide range of clients with an as diverse range of psychopathy.


Today Wade is back at school to earn his doctorate, a Ph.D. in Psychology with a Specialty in Trauma and Disaster Relief from Northcentral University. The process is lengthy of course, however Wade sees this as his calling to show empirically that ART is the modality that will change the face of chemical dependency treatment among other disorders. Today Wade is also teaching other therapist  the basics of Accelerated Resolution Therapy, is involved in designing a National Referral Network of ART therapists and a competitive and comprehensive EAP company. Long term Wade has been asked several times to write a book about his amazing transformation from drug dealer to doctor. Wade responds with a humble, "We'll see."




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